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  • 宠物粮发射器

Products Description

Product Description

Don't just toss a dog treat to your pooch -- Make him really WORK for it with this Pet Treat Launcher! It's a specially designed device that projects tasty dog treats across the room or yard. After you've used it a few times, Rover will know exactly what you're up to as soon as you take out the Pet Treat Launcher. It's a great workout for your dog and loads of fun for you.

A few obvious warnings --

* Don't shoot it right at your dog. (that sort of takes the fun out of it, at least for the dog)

* Don't look directly into it when you pull the trigger. (unless you want a face full of kibbles)

* Don't let your dog chew on the Snack Launcher itself. (and you can't chew on it either)

Features and Function:

1. Designed to launch treat into the air for your dog to fetch and eat

2. A great way to dispense treats, provide exercise, and help him learn new tricks

3. Will launch far enough to add the extra incentive of fetch into the treat process

4. More fun than traditional treats feeding

5. For both you and your pet

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