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Product Description:

[Name]: Draw not bad natural sisal Cat food

Product specifications: high column of about 40cm, thick column of about 6.5cm, chassis diameter of about 25cm, weighs about 1100 grams

Product Material: This product is being imported into the wild agave sisal processing

[Product Description: Hand-made hemp prepared, cat's favorite!

You often poking the cat furniture floor sofa and trouble? Because the cat's nails will continue a long, if not rubbed off will break even snaps into the meat to your cat unnecessary suffering.

Now supply durable cat scratch board, the material is hemp and wood, strong resistance to paying close attention to good sense! Exaggerated, greatly mice oh, more attractive to cats,

In order to avoid the floor at home and furniture was scratched cats, give it to a catlike board now! Can also be hung flat on the wall.


Sisal hemp leaves are good material for manufacturing water. Its tensile strength, water wet, rub in the salt water, non-perishable, the aviation industry is doing fishing with a rope material is also used as a cat's claws grinding tools Oh!

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