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Name: Pet toys cotton rope braid ball

Size: Medium weight approximately 7.5 cm in diameter of about 86 grams

Product description:

Miansheng pet toys - cotton rope braided balls by color cotton rope made of pure hand-woven bone and will not be easily chewed or disassemble pet cotton rope line chew or falling down can also be eaten pets. It can clean up the dog stomach.

Pet cotton rope woven ball is one of the dog's favorite toys, ball toys to the dog bite, you can also use as a chase.

Toys on the one hand can help the dog sports, on the other hand it can also meet the desire to bite something, especially dogs often readily alone suffer from depression, so all dogs need toys.

So why buy a special dog toys?

1. The dog toy material is luxurious, professional dog toys will not use soft rubber, fur, wood, sponge, easily torn or swallowed dog and dangerous materials. And often choose resin, hardening cotton, etc., bite-resistant, non-toxic materials.

2. The dog toy production process is a luxurious, dog playing with toys way people are different, professional dog toys will not have a hard sharp edges, no wound unclear knots, that is not a bite out of the scattered parts, do not let your baby by a little accident.

Common dog toys are: sound toys, drain food ball, cotton rope toys, etc.

Toys often for new, let your baby play one hundred non-greasy, happy as an angel!

Quality cotton rope, tightly woven, strong resistance to bite, is an excellent choice for a dog's teeth bite!

Special shape of pet cotton rope toys, an increase of tennis, grips and other accessories, can also increase the fun, more suitable for owner and pet and play

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