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Pet Hair Remover 

1.absorb the removed pet hair 

2.comfortable feeling 

3.spots can massage the pet skin 


Popular Silicon dog Hair cleaner/Pet Hair Remover


Ideal for the home & car – carpets & upholstery

Lifts, gathers and removes even the trickiest pet hairs

Simply brush over the surface – instantly effective


The Pet Hair Remover works on virtually all animal hair: dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, hamsters, cavies etc and gathers and collects the pet hair from all soft material: upholstery, carpets, car seats, motor home furnishings, cushions, rugs, numnah and clothes. They are even used by camel owners in the Middle East to keep their rugs clean and tidy. Its robustness means that you can keep one anywhere – in the back of the car, the trailer, under the sink or perhaps behind the furniture so you can always have your Pet Hair Remover handy either as part of 

Features: Durable: spend 5 years have no problem; environmental protection: the use of natural rubber odorless, without electricity, without mucus, sweeping away the fur removed. Convenience: go out, not on the car covers, like the size of a cell phone. Shortcut: As long as it swept plush removed.

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