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Dog pro, you also had this painful experience

1. raise the ancient animal husbandry, Satsuma dog that long, thick hair, the water and rushed toward the dog and knead for ten minutes, the surface has been wet, open hair look, Nima back layer or dry dry! Ten minutes ah! Wet hair yet! Take a bath at least 40 minutes ah!

2. Finally the hair is wet, turned off the water, take a shower gel, you do not look cheap dog grabbed it, and immediately a fierce shakes, one of the dirty water, ah, Nima each dog taking a bath to wet body more than 5 times. You give it to wash, it also gives you wash ah! There are wood! ! !

3. Give the dog a good shower gel coat, open water again and found to be re-commissioning water temperature, not cold dead is burnt to death, especially in the winter, wash a dog to repeated testing temperature dozen times ah! There are wood! ! !

The dog a bath is greater than men "huge" project, home to prepare a lot of things. With bath with massage with ... is called a tired, there is a gap to squeeze a little shower gel, dogs on badly, and makes a water splash. In fact, you thought no, you can replace all with one thing. Artifact is a bath oh

Operable with one hand, saving water-saving time

Also wash a dog, than the previous approach can save 50% water saving shower gel 40%, but may spend only half of the original time. Oh, really do not think about before, what's the big dog a bath to Half-Life is gone, really effort, without adjusting the water temperature, do not squeeze shower gel, do not turn off the tap tap has bee

Health safety and reliability

Multifunction bathing water and massage using synchronous, can completely remove residual liquid shower gel, let the dog stay clean skin, greatly reduce the risk of skin diseases. The dog a bath and comfortable, owners and effort

Easy to use anytime, anywhere

Applicable site wide courtyard, toilet, as long as there is a place you can tap. Like how to wash on how to wash


First, the hose connection and want to take the water bathing interface connection, do not forget the products included in the black ring connection, or the connection might be leaking phenomenon.

Second, remove the bath liquid outlet cover, unscrew the bath liquid outlet valve, the bath was slowly added, the specific amount determined according to the characteristics and size of your dog's bath gel amount.

Third, with the thumb control key drinking water to open the key, use the middle finger to control bath liquid pressing the key.

Fourth, turn on the tap, the water bath pressing keys, you can use.

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