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Products Description


  • Wall protectors prevent damage to both vehicles and buildings, particularly in areas where space is limited

  • They are designed to protect the surface of walls in structures offering maximum impact protection in commercial or industrial environments

  • Parking wall guards protect vehicles from common dents and scratches.

  • Garage wall protectors are a perfect solution onto residential garages for easy car parking, especially in cases of fresh drivers.

  • Ideal for retail, commercial, business garages, indoor and outdoor parking facilities, hotel parking, shopping mall parking, hospital parking, school parking, sports area parking.

  • Wall guards protect interior walls, corners and columns in factories, warehouses and loading docks where mobile trolleys and hand trucks cause damage to physical assets.

  • Garage wall guards protect the surrounding infrastructure from potential vehicle damage.

  • Designed to absorb, deflect and minimize the extent of wear, abrasion and impact from wheeled traffic.

  • It should be installed wherever moving objects that result in gouges, scratches and scuffs can damage vertical interior surfaces.

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