More than half of China's express delivery and it is related to the transaction volume over the Amazon and eBay.

But we don't understand the ways in which payment is made or the business to customers (B2C) or any other concept, what we think is, 'can we create something for society by balancing the Internet technology?' So, first of all, we started to do international trade, and then do SME (small and medium enterprises) development, and then do retail, and then do pay, and then do cloud computing." Chief Strategic Officer once explained how the Alibaba recognized the uncertainty in the field of electronics, but was still committed to shaping the market.

In 2013, the Alibaba group's trading volume has exceeded the sum of sales of Amazon and eBay, China's express parcel has a majority of the purchase of the delivery through the Taobao network. At the same time, the Alibaba will expand the portal platform, (such as payment for services as well as for the Alipay cloud Ali cloud) involved in the popular business. The enterprise through the expansion of the vision, to the platform to absorb a large number of stakeholders, continue to invest in order to expand the platform, and constantly upgrade the ecological system and other means, since 2008, the annual growth rate of 60%.

Alibaba to enter any platform will be carefully investigated whether there is an opportunity to stimulate the development of large markets. "Do not do that only to a limited number of customer service business," Zeng Ming said, "if the business is only a market segment of the market, it will leave the business to third party to do it." He told us that the Alibaba is only willing to have a great influence in the network to act as a leader. "Our business is the platform business, so everything is platform. Click, that is, the number of users - the most important, which means that you have been the key to this platform."

The coordination idea of the Alibaba is based on the market, not the management. "We try...... "As little as possible," said Zeng Ming, Alibaba is rewarded by the platform to promote win-win relationship, we have a unique ability in the business world. You need the seller, so you can have something to sell, then you will focus on the transfer to the buyer, so more sellers will join in. (we can affect) feedback loop, to the positive direction of development, so as to form the scale." He said with a sarcastic voice: "we will not let the master of business administration to do the market, because they are learning how to 'tube' things."

Perhaps the most important is that the Alibaba has been aware of the strategy is to talk about cooperation, but also divided into multiple stages. "Our innovation is disruptive," he told us, "we use technology to subvert the existing paradigm, so we need to a clear vision, at the same time and might be one of the new partners to maintain great patience."

Although, we have stressed the importance of cooperation with many stakeholders. But it raises the question of who is the stakeholder? Whose resources and talents do you need? To coordinate the many different, often change partners need to build the platform, and to ensure the smooth operation of the platform. This platform can lock stakeholders and promote them to communicate with each other, to obtain benefits, and to provide the shape of the impact of the center point. Let's look at the steps.


Construction platform

The primary purpose of the establishment of the platform is to promote the ecological system between the participants, or direct communication between the participants and customers. Therefore, the ideal platform for stakeholders will reduce the transaction cost and cost management coordinator. A larger ecosystem can not achieve the above advantages because of its internal complexity. The success of the platform often for participants to provide feedback so that they are not required to accept from coordinator direct and detailed instructions can realize self adjustment. Finally, a good platform to play through the network effect of value-added, so that stakeholders do not leave, competitors can not build a confrontation with the ecological system. How many of us are willing to give up the hands of the application and the corresponding data for a new smart phone system?

Based on the above reasons, the platform is usually a (digital) market that promotes the exchange of low cost and provides instant market feedback. We look at a familiar example: Apple's app store -- developers according to the customer the most urgent demand of the subject development software; user according to use the experience to mark the application quality and "through their fingers to vote". Developers get feedback, and get the corresponding return, but they can not easily put their application to another platform, because the application is designed for the iOS operating system.

However, the platform can also be used in different forms, which can be used in the form of non digital, but also can be used in the form of non market. In addition, we can also set up a series of contract standards, set out the rules of participation of the cooperation.

Operation platform

Building a platform is just the beginning, it is like building a football field: only to the players are playing, the game can start. A plastic molding business is like a good referee (but the referee is also the owner of the court) and must be actively managed by selectively controlling some key events. Due to the control approach of all can not be unpopular, so plastic manufacturing enterprises should focus on the unity of stakeholders, will create the monetary value, adjust the system maintain win-win aspects.

Successful ecosystem coordination companies are generally able to control the rules as well as the mechanism of interaction. Do so to be able to carry out the evolution of ecosystem catalysis, rather than everything to intervene. Take the supply chain coordinator Li & Fung Group, the enterprise not weaving machine, no sewing machines, mills, is the world's largest consumer goods trading company, providing a lot of emphasis on the aging products and distribution business. This is how to do it?

Li & Fung Group to build a platform, third party suppliers in this platform communicate with each other, forming a huge network, all the work is done by the network. And it also meets the single manufacturer and retailer's demand. Li & Fung Group to develop the network members must follow the rules, who if non-compliance will be dismissed out; at the same time, Li & Fung also according to several principles of supplier management system, such as the continuous update of ecological system, monitoring and evaluation of stakeholders and to provide feedback and supplier management system.

In other words, Li & Fung Group on how to participate in the enterprise, how to interact to control, so as to control how the ecosystem functioning, how to evolve. The result of this is speed, flexibility, and high efficiency. The speed of delivery of the enterprise is only half of the average speed of the industry. Ultimately, Li Feng Group through the middle of the middle to customers to collect fees as their own product warranty costs, and thus profit. As of 2013, the company's profits exceeded $20 billion.

Efficient management platform will make joining the ecosystem more attractive and to maximize the network effect, so as not to let potential competitors based on the competition and improve the cooperation implementation difficulties of value to the value of the control in the ecological system. Successful plastic molding enterprises through the sharing of resources at the same time secretly control the way, only to provide valuable resources in the ecosystem, such as the application developers to provide only a tool for the platform.