The Middle East Business ushered in the month of Ramadan "shopping frenzy", perfume and costumes search volume increased

People working in the Middle East to reduce the time, coupled with the festive atmosphere, means that people buy time and consumers will be greatly increased, the Middle East, the largest electronic business platform Souq. In order to cater to the growing online consumer enthusiasm and Ramadan gift season, for substantial markdowns.

According to the Google data show, "online discount" and "Ramadan promotion" is 2014, 2015 during Ramadan search rate highest entry. In 2015, during ramadan, mobile terminal and App on the rapid growth of sales of goods, mobile phone shopping rate is much higher than other devices.

UAE consumers online access to the peak of 11 am to 4 pm, while Saudi consumer network access peak for the evening from 9 pm to four am, 2-4 pm. The most popular is the consumption of electronic products, forecast sales of life on the phone App will also increase.

In June 6th after Ramadan, people can find the Eid gift. Google data show that the search rate of perfume and holiday clothing greatly increased. in this year's Ramadan to promote products relates to fashion apparel, shoes and handbags, consumer electronic products, household appliances, and other great gift for family and friends gift products., general manager of SaleemHammad commented, "Ramadan for always all is boost sales of the auspicious days, we will continue to meet the growing consumer demand. Last year during the month of Ramadan, from the United Arab Emirates network spending increased by 24%, Saudi Arabia's spending increased by 15%. We look forward to this year continued to increase. A large number of new users to buy consumer electronics products and fashion life. In today's era of science and technology, savvy consumers understand the benefits of online shopping, such as more convenient, price concessions and a wide range of choices.