Cardboard boxes, electric vehicles, express delivery...... China's logistics industry opens the road of green environmental protection

To achieve green development in the logistics field, may need a systematic revolution, this revolution is not a single body can be completed, so the industry alliance is essential.

When consumers enjoy the convenience of online shopping, I am afraid that only a few people think about a problem: they are in the hands of plastic packaging and carton is environmentally friendly? After solving the problems of reliability, efficiency and cost, the new problems of green environmental protection in the face of China's logistics practitioners.

The world network intern reporter Li Ling

June 13, sponsored by rookie global wisdom logistics summit was held in Hangzhou, compared with the hot new technology, green topic seems to be unpopular. However, there have been people are aware of the problem, blond Technology Co., Ltd, deputy general manager of Tong min CAI in boldly predicted: "when the 2020 National Express volume reached 500 million will mean there are 200 billion plastic bags and 70 billion bubble cushioning bag to be consumed."

On the same day, rookie network announced joint 32 including China and global partners to start rookie Green Alliance -- "Green Plan", promised by 2020 to replace 50% of packaging material, filler for 100% biodegradable green package material, and strive to reach industry overall carbon emissions reduction of 362 million tons.

In the development of logistics industry worries

Private courier has just emerged, the so-called "express" is only clerk sitting train delivery, and now, China Daily has 6000 million parcels, achieve more than 600 districts for the day or the next day, sent to the village of 1.6 million.

More than 10 years, China's logistics industry to bid farewell to a single transport channels, the high cost and long wait. According to data released by the national post office in early 2016, 2015, the national courier business volume 20 billion 600 million, an increase of 48%, the highest daily processing volume of more than 1.6 pieces of 276 billion, courier service revenue yuan, an increase of 35%.

The development of logistics industry solve the employment problem of countless people, also brings great convenience for the lives of consumers, however, a series of worries is secretly to grow.

"Express vehicle emissions exhaust, degradation of plastic bags and plastic adhesive tape for packaging will to the environment brought enormous pressure, blond Technology Co., Ltd, deputy general manager of Tong min Cai at the summit boldly predicted that," when the 2020 National Express volume reached 500 million, means there is 200 billion plastic bags and 70 billion bubble cushioning bag to be consumed. "

Carbon resistance trace CEO Yan Lu Hui, for example, if you buy a Wuxi commodity in Suzhou, two physical distance of about 60 km, in three compositions of carbon emissions, logistics, accounting for the bulk of the carbon emissions, "2.26 g carbon emissions produced per liter of gasoline, transit trip will produce approximately 21.7 kilograms carbon emissions numbers may is small, but a large scale, 2015 double 11 is 6.8 billion package, eventually produce the carbon emissions of thousands of tons, which is very large numbers.

Green environmental protection has become the logistics industry to face the biggest challenge. "We can not let the production efficiency of production, on the other hand, a large number of logistics and express delivery. These rubbish not only destroy the environment, but also destroy the ecological resources." Ma Yun, chairman of the board of directors of the Alibaba, said, we want to study together, with green express, green logistics, so that China's environment is better. Let China's logistics to become the future of the world's logistics, so that China's logistics into a green logistics."

Opportunities for new type of packaging material

To achieve green development in the logistics field, may need a systematic revolution, this revolution is not a single body can be completed, so the industry alliance is essential. Rookie network led "green moving plan" is the beginning of the green logistics industry, thus, more new packaging materials will enter the market.

Courier company with the most is tape, plastic bags, and then is a carton, bag, filling, no matter how many things can reduce the number of things. "Xiong Dahai, vice president of STO, said. As customers increasingly high demand, sign the outer packing box slightly a little bit squashed, or have a point mutation, customers will be rejected, so a new type of environmentally friendly materials is their most urgent.

At the summit site, "without tape, a tear open" of a torn to carton attracted a piece of onlookers, the current widespread use of electronic business logistics carton packaging, in addition to unpacking time-consuming affect user experience outside, carton package using a large number of plastic tape is virtually become a major environmental hazard.

A torn Xingkai, founder of the world network reporter said: "no tape around without any tools, a tear can be lightly out of the box. At present, 'one tear' carton has achieved 99% of the environmental protection, 1% of the non environmental protection is that the sealing of the double-sided adhesive." He also said that the next sixth generations of the next generation of cartons is expected to overcome this last 1%, so as to become completely biodegradable packaging materials.

Face single and express cars to green

To promote the development of green logistics, the introduction of new energy vehicles is also a viable path. Space time electric has developed a blue dolphin like bionic design of pure electric vehicles - Dolphin 8849, which is also the first research and development of pure electric vehicles. Temporal and spatial electric staff told the network operators in the world ":" we have and rookie signed a strategic cooperation agreement, soon will join the rookie League logistics and express delivery company, began to gradually by temporal and spatial electric and partners provide pure electric car logistics distribution business. "

In the green sub forum, Yan Luhui advocated that the logistics company with a single alternative to the traditional single surface. In the field he made such a calculation problem: if using electronic single alternative 100 million copies of the traditional single, the traditional single carbon emissions for 136484 tons, and electronic single surface area is relatively small, and no need to ink, presumably 44700 tons, full produces a reduction in carbon emissions 91784 tons, if with prices, per ton of carbon emissions can gain 183 million yuan.

Xiong Dahai also said that at present, STO is the whole network to vigorously promote the electronic surface sheet. He said: there are currently 70% of the electronic surface sheet in use, the remaining 30% of the traditional single point is being done to recover, and in each month in the whole network in the pointing place to destroy the surface, in case to bring more waste."

On the green logistics, the majority of users also put forward their own proposals, such as the courier will goods sent to the hands of consumers, be careful disassembly packaging boxes, packaging bags, and then by the courier recycling re-use, and such as designing reusable adhesive tape, these practices is to reduce the cost but also promote the green.