Yingde port cargo clearance is frequent, is the VAT, the European referendum or?

The eyes of most cross-border sellers, June is not is a traditional peak season, like "Black Friday", "Cyber Monday" and "thanksgiving" and "Christmas" and other major overseas holiday shopping are mainly concentrated in the second half of the year, even the famous at home and abroad, China's "double 11" is at the end of the year. However, this pattern of get together at present has been broken, with the rising rate of Amazon's market share, especially the rise in the Chinese market reputation, only held a session of prime day (July 15) has because of outstanding effect and become Chinese sellers eager to participate in a big promotion. Insiders said that in prime day sellers must be shipped by FBA. Therefore, many sellers choose in the near future will send the goods to Europe FBA, short-term cargo volume surge is leading to Britain, Germany and other European countries suddenly stepped up scrutiny a main reason. At the same time, Amazon may launch of the "European integrated logistics services", that is, a country's warehousing five sales service, compared to the previous domestic FBA services work really big many, more or less will affect certain goods through customs.

"Of course, because in addition to the Amazon Prime day brought to the European customs imports surge in foreign, Chinese sellers does exist many low reported to fail to report the behavior." The industry told Hugo network, since the European countries began to cross-border business platform, the Chinese seller in the sales process strictly control VAT, then in the future will not be sloppy customs clearance."

She suggested that the Chinese seller reasonable declaration also show that if sellers to declare the reasonable price was challenged local customs, submit a bank water proof of payment to the local customs for verification, the general situation is will be released. There are part of the seller's declaration price is too low, the declaration of the price in the country can be purchased, so as to be reasonable." She added that, in addition to reporting problems, EORI is currently part of the seller will encounter problems. According to reports, eori (economic operators' registration identification and) number is by EU member states of the customs and Excise Department awarded to enterprises or individuals with exchange customs only essential digital ID, a country registered across the European Union general. But occasionally, it will be encountered by sea, air can not, or in different customs and different treatment. "Recently is a sensitive period, so the seller shipped to Europe try to behave, complete formalities, also high-risk products to extra attention." She said.

Recent national customs seized several times to copy card or other contraband shipments, including infringing goods, adult supplies, pornographic materials, PI965 battery, mobile power and degaussing protection packaging containing strong magnetic goods. Among them, the German local products in terms of price compared with China's imports have no advantage. In order to protect the local market in Germany, the recent German Customs according to the import of Chinese products began a thorough investigation of the, the proportion of checks relative to the previous improved a lot. Mainly include the following points:

1, low invoice. China's imports of German goods are mostly low reporting, which has attracted the attention of the German customs and the government.

2, product specification. Imported German finished product requirements must be accompanied by a copy of each of Devin's instructions.