India electronic business platform favored Chinese products, accelerate the expansion of the category

India electronic business platform favored Chinese products

Most of the electronic business platform in India, including Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart, Paytm and Shopclues are provided with Chinese goods. Most of these are not directly sold by Chinese sellers, but are shipped from China to India by suppliers in India.

According to government data, China's total imports of goods in India in 2013 reached $51 billion in 2014 to $60 billion in the last year, this figure is $.

This figure is expected to exceed $80 billion in 2018. Experts said that with the electricity business giants such as Alibaba directly into the India market, a large part of the imported products will enter through the electricity business channels.

In these electricity suppliers in the company, Paytm may be more optimistic about Chinese goods. India's mobile payments leader, while also has an electronic business platform, and now he is working with the India seller to enable them to purchase goods from china.

The company plans to help 10000 India sellers and China's big suppliers jointly by the end of this year to get at least 5 million products from China.

A company spokesman said: "Paytm will be the seller of India and China's trusted large suppliers, the latter has been in the global supply, and will provide the seller with the help of logistics in India. In order to establish an efficient supply chain, the cross border cooperation scheme needs the support from the India bonded warehouse and the commodity source country integration center.

The company has been working with fashion accessories products and will soon increase the supply of mobile phone accessories and home accessories."

Electricity suppliers to help India get Chinese goods

Alibaba is the largest investor in Paytm, with its help, Paytm has received a large number of Chinese made goods.

Paytm's chairman, Patil Bhushan, said: "a lot of India sellers have no ability to fly to China to test product quality, select categories and purchase goods, which is why we need to build a bridge." Patil Bhushan has had 5 years of experience in the Alibaba.

Another business platform ShopClues and China B2B electricity supplier website Dunhuang network cooperation to expand its wholesale platform, but the company is also planning to find a similar international cooperation.

Grant Thornton International Indian accounting firm partner Harish h V said: "you can see now the business platform, many goods from expensive mobile phones to other products are made in China and shipped to India, China and India by electricity supplier cooperation channels has been there for a period of time. With the Alibaba to enter the India market, this trend is bound to rise."

Alibaba platform has 850 million active sellers, once Alibaba to enter the Indian market, most of the seller will be able to flex its muscles in India