The world is facing the tide of globalization and anti globalization counterattack

In the face of the game of globalization and anti globalization, China should actively promote and participate in the globalization, take advantage of the opportunities of globalization, and continue to develop the "advantage of backwardness" ". To improve the system mechanism which is not fit for the trend of the times, to speed up the construction of the new system of open economy, to minimize the social costs of globalization as far as possible. International communication and cooperation, to reduce the negative impact of the inequality in the rules of the game as far as possible. And countries to explore a sustainable development model, the construction of innovation, vitality, linkage, inclusive of the world economy, to give new life and vitality to globalization.

British "off Europe" referendum on the far-reaching impact is probably just beginning. British "off the European", in addition to Britain, the EU and the global economy is unable to accurately estimate the uncertainty. It also means have been difficult to maintain over the years the European integration process suffered a major setback for an irreversible. Britain "back to Europe" reflects the proliferation of European and global populist, protectionism, is the "anti globalization" trend and the forces of victory, is a serious setback in the process of globalization. Tide of globalization and anti globalization again flourishing. In an unprecedented dramatic way appear in front of the world.

Look around the world today, "anti globalization" or "go global" forces in the rapid rise. In the United States, the two candidates in the trans Pacific (601099 shares) partnership agreement (TPP) to say "no" preference isolation and protectionism in the Manhattan real estate tycoon Donald Trump and popular, its distinctive "anti globalization" position can not help but let the world concern, the world's largest black swan event half will come from the United States; European nationalist party gained more and more public support in some countries and the stage, the German public opposition to cross the Atlantic (600558, shares) trade and investment partnership agreement (TTIP), the European Parliament voted to declare China does not recognize the market economy status, more and more developed countries tend to trade and investment protectionism, personnel, goods, free flow of capital barriers increasingly stubborn; and the rise of Islamic organizations worldwide The terrorist attacks one after another, Libya, Syria crisis led to wave of refugees, the European security situation constitutes a huge impact and cause a huge rebound......

Cases of UK and more countries in strengthening an irrefutable logic: globalization and anti globalization are product driven by the interests of the parties concerned, the profit and loss change and unbalance is globalization and anti globalization shift. In fact, with the expansion of globalization and in-depth, especially financial crisis global diffusion, "anti globalization" already is not only a trend of thought, and become more and more influence scope biggest worldwide social movement of, its itself has also been "globalization".

Back in the 70 years since the Second World War, the formation of globalization is not accidental, has a profound historical and institutional reasons, is the result of the development of science and technology in the world, is the inherent requirement of world economic growth, with its inherent inevitability. The core of globalization is economic globalization. Although economic globalization has become an irreversible trend and irresistible objective reality, but the world's understanding of economic globalization is still very inconsistent, especially the nature of the controversy is still very intense. The huge differences of globalization cognition and attitude to illustrate the complexity of the phenomenon of globalization, we can not be regarded as simple, not easily with "good" or "bad" to be positive or negative nor simple choice "against" or "support" attitude. But one thing is certain: the deep development of economic globalization has touched the vital interests of many people. In both rich and poor countries, globalization offers great opportunities, potential and possibility, but also produced a human must face new challenges and new threats, for most people, education, employment, income, health, culture and environment related problems of immediate concern to the human becomes more uncertain and insecure. This is the root cause of the rise of "anti globalization" phenomenon.

As a kind of thought and a movement, the background and reason of "anti globalization" mainly lie in the following three aspects:

First of all, the economic globalization has intensified the conflict between the developed countries and the developed countries. Although the developed countries are the main beneficiaries of the process of globalization, but globalization also has a negative impact on them. In the absence of effective international monitoring and management, personnel, capital and goods flow in the world more free, within the scope of the world, especially in developed countries economic development more unbalanced and unstable; economic globalization also aggravate the developed countries and the interior of the gap between the rich and the poor, the emergence of the so-called "third world." Economic globalization have benefited the most from the United States, western the largest gap between rich and poor countries and "anti globalization" loudest.

Secondly, the economic globalization has intensified the contradiction between the north and the south. Although economic globalization on developed countries have such, that challenge, but due to the advantages of developed countries with developed economy, economic autonomy ability and with capital, technology and experience, optimization of the industrial structure, economic structure relatively reasonable, and in a dominant position in the process of globalization, developed countries can effectively avoid the globalization challenge. And developing countries due to the subordinate status in the process of globalization, some countries even in the edge of globalisation ", generally low level of economic development, independent economic ability is poor and in all aspects of international trade, finance, investment, science and technology development and innovation are at a disadvantage. As a result, the negative effects of globalization are mainly borne by developing countries.

Moreover, economic globalization has intensified the conflict between civilization and values around the world. Globalization is not a purely economic nature, it is also the historical process of the implementation of Western political ideas and cultural values through economic expansion. "Globalization" is not only the globalization of Western values, but also the globalization of Western interests.

Summary in recent years of "anti globalization" trend and characteristics of known, "anti globalization" has broad social foundation; "anti globalization" complicated background, motivations and goals are different, the "anti globalization" dominated the region with imbalance, East Asia than in Europe and America, Eastern Europe than in Western Europe. The United States and Europe are the center of globalization, but also the center of "anti globalization". The power source of "anti globalization" is closely related to the rise and fall of the industry. In general and more "anti globalization" strength comes from the original first and second in the world in a declining industry "old economy" department, and "anti globalization" and after the end of the cold war, the global rise of nationalism, exclusive power of communism and emotion and generally linked together.

From the perspective of the development trend, anti globalization phenomenon will exist for a long time, but a variety of forces will be the emergence of differentiation and reorganization, the prospects are not optimistic about the future is not clear. But one thing is certain, despite the setbacks and challenges encountered in the globalization, but globalization brought about by the "global governance" is undoubtedly contribute to human peace and cooperation and sustainable development, helps to improve the level of well-being for all the people. That view, which must be free from globalization and nationalism, is not feasible, and it is almost impossible to put the increasingly globalized economy and society back into the.

In the face of globalization and anti globalization "game, for today's China should actively promote and participate in the globalization, the globalization of the opportunity to continue to play a" advantage of backwardness ", to accelerate the industrialization and modernization process, which is China crossed the" middle income trap ", the only way. Therefore, the author thinks, our rational strategy and tactics should be: on, try to improve the does not adapt to the system and mechanism of the trend of the times, in consideration of its ability to withstand, accelerate the construction of new open economy system, as far as possible to minimize the social costs of globalisation. International exchanges and cooperation, to strengthen coordination and communication of international macroeconomic policy, to reduce the negative impact of inequality in the rules of the game as far as possible. At the same time, with all countries, to explore the sustainable development model, "to build innovation, vitality, linkage, inclusive of the world economy", to give new life and vitality to globalization.