Canada Post strike may endanger the small and medium business enterprises

According to the Toronto Sun newspaper reported that in July 2nd, the Canadian postal workers will be able to legally leave the job. Canada Post with the Canadian Union of postal workers since January had been trapped in a contract dispute so far failed to reach an agreement.

Hempstead Jerry, the head of Hempstead's consulting company, said that the postal service in Canada and the United States had a different set of rules in terms of labor negotiations. "So it's likely that there will be a strike."

Hempstead added that there are several alternative mailing services available in addition to Canada Post, because most Canadian residents live in a particular city.

A replacement service is the courier company Purolator, but because of its membership in Canada Post, so it has been questioned whether it will stop. In addition, UPS and FedEx also have a solid network foundation in Canada, DHL also has a carrier in canada.

Hempstead, said: "because Canadian companies many of which are concentrated in some local areas, there are a lot of express company for the shipper sent directly to the destination, so you can ensure that there is sufficient resources to meet the business needs of the consignor.

Hempstead said that the main impact is the small and medium enterprises, the shipper. He added: "but there are a lot of good options that will allow businesses to continue to be in Canada, especially among the various regions."

Circle Platinum supply chain consulting company in charge of Geiken Tim said he was also wondering whether the carrier Purolator will strike. "If they participate in the strike, they don't have enough ability to clean up the mess; at the same time, also can have a greater impact on American shipper."

He added that any courier service that uses Canada Post to make its last mile delivery service will be directly affected by the strike.